Turmeric Cinnamon Milk - Golden Milk

Oh, this is so delicious. I use a small handheld milk frother to whip up the oat milk (or your milk of choice) so its a little frothy on top. 

The use of turmeric makes this a powerful ayurvedic drink. It is great to boost immunity, its an anti-inflammatory and is known to treat depression. 

In India, turmeric has been coined as the most powerful spice of all. It has been the go-to fix for centuries. You should start giving it a try. 

If you need an early morning coffee, you can turn this into a turmeric latte. Add a shot of espresso. Enjoy! 


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  • Anand

    Audra that’s one hell of a drink.. Awesome flavour and Healthy!! Would luv to try it chilled 🙂🙂

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