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Pork roast, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

This is a traditional PA Dutch recipe that I have every year on New Years Day. The reason we ate pork and not chicken is because when a pig digs, he moves dirt forwards, and when a chicken digs they move dirt backwards. We want the New Year to be "looking forward" like the pig. The roast cooks on LOW for 8 hours in the crock pot and it is served with mashed potatoes. We always ate it with the mashed potatoes on the plate - make a well in the potatoes and the pork and sauerkraut go on top. Each bite needs all three things on the fork.  Happy New Year!

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Stuffed Zucchini with meat/rice - Egyptian Style (Kousa Mahshi)

My sisters mother-in-law, from Egypt, made these stuffed zucchini many years ago, and I've been dreaming about the flavor that was dancing on my tongue when I ate this dish. I decided to put a recipe together to mimic the flavor of the dish I had so many years ago. This is a delicious recipe that includes protein, vegetables and rice, all in one bite.   Don't forget to make the Matabal Kousa (zucchini yogurt) to go with this dish and serve with either warm pita bread or naan for dipping. 

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Braised Short Ribs

I have been making this recipe since's 2020. I make it as a special occasion meal, but I think everyone I've cooked this for would eat it for every meal. It really is a winner of a dish!

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