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Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

My best friends mom, Augusta, would make these when we had sleepovers when we were little girls. This recipe needs no icing because the cream cheese surprise is in the inside. I still make these today, but now for my grown kids. These are moist and delicious and there is no fuss to making these.  You don't need to bring out the mixer, just add all the ingredients to a bowl, stir to combine and bake. Super easy.

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Candy Cakes (KandyKake)

This white cake is topped with creamy peanut butter that melts into the warm cake and then topped with melted chocolate candy bar that firms at it cools. Serve like a bar cookie by cutting into small bites. This is sure to please a crowd.  This recipe is similar to the famous TastyKake from Philly. 

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